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  • Call for participation in the IV Medical Conference with international participation
    Esteemed Sirs and Madams ,

    We would like to inform you that in mid-May 2017, (15 – 17 May) at the Hotel Mediteran in Becici MedicalCG editorial board, under the sponsorship and participation of the Ministry of Health of Montenegro, organizes professional, but traditional IV Annual Conference on News in Medicine, Pharmacy and Health.
    The Conference participants:
    - The Ministry of Health of Montenegro,
    - Health Insurance Fund of Montenegro,
    - Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of Montenegro,
    - Clinical Center of Montenegro,
    - Pharmaceutical Chamber of Montenegro and
    - Pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers.

    Conference topics will include, through two round tables, projection activities of the Ministry of Health and key health institutions for the current and future period, and through six sessions the current issues in the field of medicine and pharmacy will be presented at the proposals of the participants of the conference.
    At the round tables the experiences from the region in the field of health insurance and legislation in the field of medicines will be presented.

    The Scientific Committee of the event, chaired by Dr sci med. Majda Šahman Zaimović, will draw up a program of the conference by the end of April, and for the Collection of Works, the abstracts of lectures which arrive due 10 May will be published.

    The meeting is accredited by the Medical and Pharmaceutical Chamber of Montenegro.
    Stalls for presentation of pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers will be placed inside the Hotel Mediteran.
    Because of the discussion topics of the conference, the competence of lecturers, the optimum capacity of the Hotel Mediteran, as well as our organizational experience, we expect the conference to provide a significant contribution in the area of the current problems of the matter.
    With expectations of your participation in the meeting organized
    Respectfully yours,
    Executive Director ,
    Slavica Pantelic
    For more information contact us at:
    Phone/fax: 020 238 841
    Mobile phone: 067 395 032
    Email: redakcija@t-com.me

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