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03. jul – Uspješno urađene još dvije transplatacije sa živog davaoca

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Dvije transplatacije bubrega sa živog davaoca uspješno su urađene u Kliničkom centru Crne Gore (KCCG). I davalac i primalac organa dobro se osjećaju, saopšteno je na konferenciji za medije.
Sistem transplantacije zaživio je 2012. godine, i za pet godina crnogorski ljekari uspješno su sa kolegama iz Hrvatske uradili 31 transplataciju.
Iz Ministarstva zdravlja najavljuju edukativnu kampanju u cilju podizanja svijesti građana o doniranju organa nakon smrti.
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    Podgorica, October 19-21, 2017, Hotel Hilton 



    MedicalCG magazine organizes VI Medical Fair in Podgorica, at the Hilton Hotel, from October 19th to 21st  this year


    Esteemed Sirs and Madams,

    We are pleased to have an active participation of the Ministry of Health, sponsors of  the Fair, which, with the participation of the most important health institutions, traditional collaborators of the MedicalCG project (Institute for Public Health, Health Insurance Fund, Agency for Medicinal and Medical Funds, KCCG), general hospitals and health centers, as well as pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers and private health sector without whose support and cooperation the entire Medical project would not exist – gives us the real basis that the overall quality of the event will satisfy the expectations of both the expert and the general public.


    The expert part of the event is managed by the Scientific Committee of the Fair, chaired by Dr sci med Majda Šahman-Zaimović.

    Certification of participation in the event is performed by the Medicine and Pharmaceutical Chamber of Montenegro.

    At the previously held five fairs, an average of 70 professional lectures were organized, with about 50 stand presenting presentations from the health and pharmaceutical milieu of Montenegro, the surrounding countries and several foreign participants.

    At the fair, professional lectures are organized in two purpose-equipped auditoriums, while stand  presentations of health institutions, public and private health institutes, pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers, take place in the Crystal Hall.


    The deadline for applying for the lecture is October 8th, 2017.  Applications received after the deadline can not enter the official Fair Program because the program is published on October 10th in the MedicalCG magazine, as well as  a special publication that is delivered to many addresses. For late lecture applications, we will print out the appendix to the Fair Program, and distribute it just before and during the event.

    The lecture application is in addition to this notice.

    We expect your participation in the 6th Medical Fair


    Manager of the Fair

    Slavica Pantelić

    Magazin Medical CG
    Medical d.o.o.
    Tel/fax: 020 238 841
    Mob.tel.: 067 803 697

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